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Daddy Daughter Date: Solitude Nordic Center

Today was Kate's first time on XC skis. She fell a ton, especially in the first 20 minutes, but it didn't take long for her to figure out the basics and start motoring around the groomed trails. Her gymnastics coach has taught her that "I can do hard things" which is a phrase Kate repeated a few times this afternoon. She's a determined little girl and I knew she'd hang tough and enjoy the new experience.

We were skiing for a solid 2 hours interrupted only by a short 15 minute break to use the bathroom and have a snack. The Solitude Nordic Center was fantastic. The staff were extremely helpful and friendly, the trails were scenic and fun, and for a total cost of $18 I thought it was a great deal ($8 ski rental for Kate and $10 pass for me).

Monday, January 12, 2009

Henry and Owen are 3!!!!

We had lots of fun on Saturday. Our little monkeys turned 3 and had a monkey birthday party. Here are some photos of the big event.

Our invitations

The monkey decorations

Owen looking at the monkey centerpiece. Behind Owen is the "pin the banana on the tree" game. The child who got a banana closest to the monkey won the game.

Owen, Tyson, and Henry waiting for the guests to arrive (notice Henry and Owen's Curious George shirts and Henry's monkey hat)

I made cute monkey cupcakes instead of a cake. We also had do-it-yourself banana splits. Yum!

Lots of party-goers! We had 9 children in attendance, including Owen and Henry, ranging in ages from 2 to 9 (well, I guess we also had 2 babies there--so 11 children!). The kids made masks and danced like monkeys to a monkey CD Tyson made, played hot monkey (instead of hot potato), and pin the banana on the tree. Everything went well except dancing like monkeys (I was the only one dancing, so that was a little embarrassing).

Owen and Henry blowing out the candles

Henry eating his cupcake

Owen holding baby Luke, his friend's little brother

For party favors, we had Curious George gift bags with little Curious George toys, candy, copies of Tyson's monkey music CD, and a Curious George birthday coloring page.

It was lots of work (I don't think I'll be quite as ambitious next year), but we all had a wonderful time. We wish you could've joined us!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Cami and Malia!!

Look at her go! Malia got a big girl bike for her birthday. We couldn't wait to give it to her, so we broke it out early. She is loving it and is actually getting faster every day. Thanks to Grandpa Vaun and Grandma Anya for bringing it up from my parents' house.
It's too bad this picture below turned out so blurry...but, it cracks me up because you can see Kate waving through the window in the background. :) Alder and Malia had fun putting on a little puppet show for us all. Look how tall Alder is getting!! Can we have some of this cake yet???
Wooops, we didn't get any pictures of the fellow birthday girl, Cami. We hope her day was great today! :)